Stannah Siena One Stairlift

Siena One Stairlift
Economy Stairlift Model
A basic stairlift design, offering a low cost option with many important features still standard.

The Siena One stairlift gets you from A to B, utilizing many of the key features and proven components from our Siena and Starla chairs at a lower price point.

While the Siena One is an economy model stairlift, it still comes with a lifetime warranty and you can always count on a safe and reliable ride.

Available for: Straight stairways
Stairlift includes: 350lbs. capacity, aluminum rail

  • Vinyl Seat – Walnut-colored upholstery
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Lap Seatbelt
  • Manual Swivel Levers: Unlock seat to be swiveled at top of stairway for safe exit

This straight stairlift gives you exactly what you need: a simple and low-cost mobility solution that gets the job done. For users with basic, straight stairs, the Siena One provides an even more affordable alternative to residential elevators, home modifications or entering an assisted living facility. It is a perfect stair lift for basement stairs, so you no longer have to worry about falling while going down to the basement. And when you reach the top of the stairs, the Siena One’s swivel seat will allow you to turn the chair lift to face the landing, so that you can get off easily. Your safety is our top priority, so we’ve set the Siena One’s weight limit to 350lbs to ensure it will carry you comfortably and safely up and down the stairs for years to come.

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