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Bedco Mobility, Inc. has been installing and servicing residential stairlifts in the Northern Virginia for over 60 years.  We have thousands of satisfied customers all throughout the area – from Arlington to Reston, Alexandria to Fairfax.  We are constantly seeking to become more efficient and provide the safest, best value stairlifts in the area.  We have the Virginia ASC Accessibility License and currently we stock top ranked stairlift in the marketplace today by “The Savvy Senior”  and by Consumer Affairs.

We have installed and maintained thousands of Virginia stairlifts, we’re here to help!  We were even selected to install a stair lift for the AARP 50th anniversary universal design home in Washington, D.C.

Let our experience guide you in finding the proper stair chair model and best value for the home you love – we will take the time to evaluate each situation and home.  You and your family members can have peace of mind knowing that you made the right long term selection.

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Stannah Straight Stairlift Northern Virginia

The Stannah 600 Straight Stairlift can be installed on straight stairs of almost any length and width, narrow stairs are no issue.  These lifts are in stock here locally, able to be installed FAST.  In-house technicians, nothing subbed out.  Easy to use and safe with lifetime warranty.  The best value in Virginia Stairlifts.
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Stannah Curved Stairlift Northern Virginia

The Stannah 260 Curved Stairlift handles stairways with landings, turns, or even spiral stairs.  Grand entry stairs or townhome stairs in No. Virginia are no issue for a stairway elevator chair – the rails are bent to match.  Drawing approval prior to manufacturing for peace of mind with design.  The best!
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Stannah Outdoor Stairlift Northern Virginia

The Stannah 320 Outdoor Stairlift is designed and built from the ground up to be weatherproof and durable.  Not just a indoor unit with a cover on it – this thing is meant to last!  Stock item for straight outdoor stairs.
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Used Stairlifts Northern Virginia - Straight & Curved

As one of the largest and most established stairlift companies serving Northern Virginia, we have a huge selection of lightly used and reconditioned stair lifts available for all types of stairs – straight, curved, even outdoor stairs.  Lifts still come with a parts & labor warranty for peace of mind.
Stannah Siena Straight Stairlift

Northern Virginia Stairlift Install Near Me

This straight stairlift (model Stannah 600 Siena) was installed on a straight stairway in Alexandria, Virginia by our great installers at Bedco Mobility.  From free estimate to installation day within a week – install took half a day!
Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here for Stairlift FAQ
  1. What’s the price of a stairlift?
That depends!  Stairlift elevator cost is going to be determined by things such as the stairway, budget, and person’s mobility. A free in-home estimate will do a formal survey of the stairs to check the clearances and a good conversation with the potential users about their needs. Part of our service is to offer a no obligation appointment to talk with you about these factors and recommend the best stairlift to suit your needs. When you schedule a free in-home visit, our promised to you is to be thorough, considerate and leave you an itemized quote for what you need. We will not push any specific solution; you’re the boss!  Call us now to schedule your visit and find out the price of the stairlifts that would fit you and your home.
  1. Can I rent a Stannah stairlift? 
Yes. Stannah stairlifts are sold and rented in Northern Virginia area by Bedco Mobility, Inc.  Rental stair lifts are a good option if there is only a short term need or uncertain circumstances.  These straight stairlifts are always brand-new units so that they can be converted from rental to purchase and kept if circumstances change.  Give us a call to find out about our rental program.
  1. How much does installation cost?
It’s free!  Installation is part of a quoted estimate on a stairlift.  Stairlifts are moving pieces of equipment and should be installed by skilled technicians to ensure their operation and safety.  Bedco Mobility is a licensed Accessibility Contractor (ASC) in Virginia with in-house technicians who are also licensed, fully insured, with years of experience.  Nothing is subbed out.   Installations come with full demonstrations and training on your new stairlift.  Give us a call now to find out what else we offer as part of our service and hear about our state of the art digital scheduling and ticketing service program.
  1. Are there narrow stairlifts?
Bedco Mobility has been installing and servicing stairlifts in the Northern Virginia for over 60 years.  We’ve seen technology advance and lifts be able to fit on narrower and narrower stairs. There’s almost no stairway that is too narrow for one of our stairlifts. If you’re still not sure, give us a call. A free in-home estimate will allow us to survey the stair clearances and see which narrow stairlift works best for you. Our time is for you: information and advice with no strings attached is part of our service – take advantage of it!
  1. Can Stannah stairlifts go around turns in the stairs?
Yes, no problem!  Even if your stairs have landings, bends, or even a spiral, we can handle it.  If you need a continuous ride from floor to floor and have landings, a curved stairlift would be a good solution for you.  These stairlifts ride on rails bent per stairway to perfectly match the bends in the layout so that you can safely get from bottom to top without transferring or trying to do stairs.  These chairlifts also come with a drawing for approval so you can double check the layout before anything is manufactured.  They are measured with a digital photo measuring system, to the millimeter, so they are guaranteed to fit.  Feasibility drawings are free of charge, if you want to see a formal layout of your curved stairlift with your quote, just ask!  Call us today for a free survey.
  1. Are Used Stairlifts a viable solution?
Yes, if your budget is limited, there are plenty of good options that are gently used.  Bedco Mobility has the largest inventory of used stairlifts in the Mid-Atlantic.  These lifts are well kept and meticulously prepped prior to install, and still come with a parts and labor guarantee.  Amazingly you can also do used curved stairlifts by pairing a used chair with new rails made for your stairs.  Again that’s a great way of gaining independence while taking care of your budget.  Our free in-home estimates will always mention potential used stairlift options during the visit.
  1. Everyone says they’re the best – what should I look for in a stairlift?
So true.  The internet is a great tool for research but also leads to information overload and a lot of exaggerated claims.   When considering a stairlift there are two major factors – the equipment & the local company.  Equipment should be made by established manufacturers who offer multiple models and standard safety features.  The local company should have length experience in the area, with proven results.  Start ups or solo operations can be risky.  Be sure that your local provider has multiple technicians dedicated to stairlifts so that your stairlift will be properly maintained in the future.  Our experience is second to none, we have thousands of customers in this area – including commercial work at George Mason University, UVA, Capital One, Arlington County Public Office, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, Episcopal High School, on and on!  Customers have a voice online – read the reviews!

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