Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift

wheelchair lift image on Bedco Mobility website

A Starilift that Bends to Your Needs

When you have problems with your knees or your back, stairs are an issue you would probably prefer not to face. But this can mean losing your freedom and independence in your own home! You won’t have to with the Sadler stairlift from Stannah. This stairlift allows you to glide up and down your stairs while standing tall – without unduly stressing your knees or your back. You can move in and out of the chair with ease and complete dignity. Apart from being adjusted to your personal specifications, the Sadler has many features designed to ensure you a safe and secure journey.

Available for: Straight stairways
Stairlift includes:

  • Stand-Up Seating — You’re seated in a fully supported near-standing position. Perfect if you suffer from back problems or have difficulty bending your knees.
  • Easy In, Easy Out — We calibrate the stairlift to your height, with a tilting seat to make getting in and out even easier.
  • Safe and Secure — The stairlift will not budge an inch until the seat belt is fastened (unless you’re moving it with the remote).
  • Perfect for Narrow Stairs — This unobtrusive stairlift is perfect for narrow stairs.
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