Navigating Challenges in the 2022 New Year


2022 brings on-going and new challenges to the accessibility industry.  With the unfortunate surge of the Omicron variant, we want to reassure our friends that we remain diligent in keeping our customers and employees as safe as possible.  During this uncertain time, it’s more important than ever that we keep your trust, by meeting and exceeding safety standards and being as flexible as possible during your sales and service process.

This pandemic has forced companies to adapt and respond to the new challenges and Bedco Mobility has faced these challenges head on!  In this type of industry, where people rely on the quality and availability of service and equipment – it is absolutely critical to be constantly reevaluating and adjusting to be able to support these needs.

During this time, we have transitioned to an almost fully digital scheduling and ticketing system.   This has allowed us to become more efficient while lessening our dependency on paper.  We have cloud based records to easily look up most queries or requests of a past document.

We implemented remote consultations with great results, keeping the option of social distancing while allowing for immediate appointments if the situation merits it.  Feel unsure about someone in your home or Can’t wait for us to come out?  We can be on a video demonstration live from our showroom within minutes –  Learn more here.

The new year brings even newer challenges as the strain of the pandemic has affected supply chains, freight, and labor.  How is Bedco responding?

As we have throughout this pandemic, we have embraced our role as a voice for the end user and continued dialogue with manufacturers, letting them know our (and your) expectations of them.  We are lucky to have linked up with the best companies in the industry, who have had the foresight to adjust prior to the crunch.  We have had no major supply chain issues to date.

Bedco has made investments in our warehousing and inventory tracking abilities – allowing for real time evaluation of current stock and future forecasting, adjusting for current freight times – so that we can stay ahead of the curve and make sure we have product available.  Straight Stairlifts, Driving Aids, Parts, Batteries, etc.  no need to worry!

What good is having product if it takes months to get it installed?

Why purchase accessibility equipment if I can’t get it serviced?

Luckily here at Bedco Mobility, we have an elite group of technicians who are direct employees of the company.  Each has been factory-trained and certified, and carries full liability insurance.  Do not fear a issues with a 3rd party or sub-contractor.  Our service and scheduling software is coupled with GPS to allow for the most efficient allocation of personnel everyday – Our office staff is experienced and resourceful to handle all questions and situations.

We have the resources, strategy, and manpower to get your job done!

We’ve made it this far and We’re here to support you.  We’re in this together.

Please hang in there, Stay Healthy, & Be Safe!

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