Stairlift Safety

stannah stair lift with 180 park at bottom of stair

One of the most important things to consider when researching stairlift manufacturers and local installers is the overall safety of the lift and project.  While there are minimum requirements to meet code, the best stairclimbers go above and beyond to ensure the maximum protection and ease of use for the rider.

Stannah Stairlifts come with a Stannah safety package which includes standard: a power folding footrest, an overspeed governor, and a one-hand retractable seatbelt.

Chairlifts can also be designed to have off stairway parks to allow the user stand up and sit down away from the stairs altogether.  There are even chairs that are design specifically for limited flexibility and for potential transfers.

The best value is a chair that is both safe and durable.  Look for a chair that meets not only current but also future mobility needs, and one that potentially has the ability to adapt over time.  Seat height adjustment, ability to add features such as power swiveling at a later date.  Future proof the investment!

The best practice is to have a knowledgeable consultant come and go over the stairway and mobility needs in person.  That way everyone would be able to determine the best options and design together.

In-home consultations are quick and free of charge.  If you are questions regarding a wheelchair lift or stairlift in Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia, let us know – above all we want to help!

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90 off stairway park chair stairlift
stairlift chair down footrest folded not in way
stairlift designed to park off stairs at hallway at top
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