Project Details

  • Client: Hosanna House
  • Category: Xpress II Inclined Platform Lifts

Project Description

Hosanna Community House in Darlington, Maryland.

The building was one of the first schools built for the recently-freed African-Americans in former slave-holding states. By 1907, it was so run down that it was actually condemned for use as a school. Regardless, it was somehow still used as a school for African-American children for another 38 years. It has seen many repairs over the years, and now it is completely restored and functions as a museum, preserving the structure and its history for future generations. Find out more about it at

An Xpress II Inclined Platform Wheechair Lift has recently been added to the outside stairway to provide ADA-compliant, barrier-free accessibility. The unit was able to fit on the narrow back stairs and is equipped with vinyl cover.

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