Other Driving Aids

Other Driving Aids

Bedco has a team of expert installers of adaptive driving controls, also known as car hand controls. Additionally, we offer various automotive mobility adaptations. This includes specialty seats, other driving aids, and tie-down systems.

Installing driving aids and controls requires training with a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. They will provide a written recommendation of adaptive equipment. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist in coordinating that for you.

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Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic AutoLock

Reduced Liability – Sure Grip’s new left foot accelerator with electronic AutoLock is designed to reduce your liability. This driving aid nearly eliminates the chance of it being used by anyone other than the intended user. With Sure Grip’s unique 15 second activation window, the accelerator can only be activated for 15 seconds after startup. It won’t engage after 15 seconds without restarting the engine.
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Sure Grip Left Foot Gas Pedal Removable

Reduced Liability – Sure Foot offers a left foot gas pedal that acts exactly like your existing pedal. Sure Foot’s driving aid also features a quick-release base so the entire device can be removed and reinstalled easily. To remove the pedal, simply loosen the thumbscrew and lift the entire main assembly off the base. To reinstall Sure Foot Removable, place the main assembly on the base. Two locator pins help you line up the holes. Then, just tighten the thumbscrew!

Additional driving aids:

  • Attached to the aluminum base, Sure Foot Removable comes equipped with an adjustable pedal guard
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, the gas pedal has pressed, punch-out holes for a non-skid surface
  • For those desiring a softer texture, Sure Foot offers a foam-covered pedal
  • With two oil light bushings and a steel rod, Sure Foot provides a smooth, fluid acceleration
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Sure Grip Spin Master

With Spin Master’s innovative, clam shell design, one size fits all steering wheels. Unlike other spinner knobs, the design leaves no permanent damage on your wheel. Spin Master adds a quick-release function – remove and refit at the touch of a button!

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Park Brake Extension

This easy-to-install brake extension brings the manual park brake closer to driver for more convenient access.

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Pedal Extenders

These pedal extenders bring the gas and brake pedals closer to the driver.