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Stannah Siena 600

Siena 600 Stairlift

An Affordable Stairlift for Straight Stairs

You don't want a stairlift to dictate the appearance of your home, do you? With a wide choice of fabrics and finishes, you can customize the Siena to your tastes and your home decor. It fits in perfectly whether your home has a modern or classic feel to it.
Of course, the Siena also features a range of advanced features for comfort, safety and user-friendliness. You'll find it gives you freedom and independence in your home, whether your staircase is straight or full of complicated curves. We can install it in just a few hours. Would you like to know more about the Siena?

Available for: Straight stairways
Stairlift includes:

  • Choose Your Seat — Available with a narrow seat or a wide seat for a more comfortable ride. Let us know what suits you!
  • Longer Armrests — Our longer armrests give you solid support for getting in and out of the chair.
  • Easy Folding — Fold the seat away and the footrest folds away too. Much easier and safer than bending over at the top of the stairs!
  • Comfort for Narrow Staircases — The Siena features a curved seatback. It's extra comfortable and means your knees don't stick out. Great if you have a narrow staircase!

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