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Ricon Wheelchair Van Lifts

Ricon Slide-Away Lifts

Ricon Slide-Away

The Ricon Slide-Away wheelchair lift offers a revolutionary dual-post design that increases strength and durability without sacrificing interior space to maneuver a wheelchair. Click for More Information and Photos
Ricon Clearway Lifts

Ricon Clearway

The Ricon Clearway handicap lift from Bedco Mobility features a completely automatic platform that is split to fold. This way it does not obstruct the doorway, but it retains the strength of a dual-post mobility lift. Click for More Information and Photos
Ricon Klearvue Lifts

Ricon Klearvue

A Ricon KlearVue platform lift has a unique that folds to eliminate dangerous blind spots for the driver. This unobstructed view also provides for a much more comfortable ride for passengers within the accessible vehicle as well. Click for More Information and Photos
Ricon Uni-Lite Lifts

Ricon Uni-Lite

The Ricon UNI-Lite wheelchair van lift is constructed from aluminum alloy, making its installed weight much lighter than other lifts on the market. Despite its lightweight frame, it is still strong enough to lift as much as 600 pounds. Click for More Information and Photos
Ricon Reliant Lifts

Ricon Reliant

The Ricon Reliant handicap van lift from Bedco Mobility was designed to be compact so as not to minimize interior space. These lifts from Bedco Mobility feature all-steel frames and a powerful hydraulic pump for dependable use. Click for More Information and Photos
Ricon S-Series Commercial Lifts

Ricon S-Series Commercial Lift

Ricon S-Series mobility van lifts provide a number of one-of-a-kind features which ensure comfortable, efficient, and safe disabled travel in commercial transport situations. Bedco Mobility staff can go over the standee handrails, occupant safety belts for added security, and inboard and outboard mechanical rollstops during a personal demonstration and evaluation. Click for More Information and Photos