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Wheelchair Lifts

The Garaventa Lift Group designs, manufactures and services a wide range of wheelchair lifts and passenger lifts for people with disabilities. As a part of their network of independent dealers, we are proud to offer their range of custom accessibility solutions for residential use.
X3-R Residential Stairlift

X3-R Residential StairLift

Compact and space saving.

Often the home we have lived in for years suddenly presents challenges when we are unable to use or have difficulty climbing the stairs. The Garaventa Lift X3 will allow you to travel up and down the stairs with ease while staying in the home you love. Click for More Information and Photos
Genesis OPAL

Genesis OPAL Stair Lift

Durable, tough wearing finish.

The Genesis OPAL vertical lift easily transports passengers up and down short vertical distances, for applications such as stages and porches. The platform walls, platform gate and optional automatic folding ramp travel with the platform creating a safety barrier around the passenger. Click for More Information and Photos