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Evacu-Trac Stairlift

Provides quick and safe emergency evacuation.

Does your emergency evacuation plan include an evacuation chair for someone with a mobility-related disability? In the event of a fire or earthquake, elevators should not be used for the emergency evacuation of a building. In this situation, people with limited mobility may be trapped or have to wait for a prolonged period of time in an area of refuge.

Designed so that a small attendant can easily move a much larger passenger down the stairs, the Evacu-Trac is easily set up and ready for a passenger to transfer from their wheelchair to the comfortable sling seat. This evacuation chair has durable rubber tracks that firmly grip the stairs and the safety brake can stop the unit on the stairs if necessary. The Evacu-Trac is completely stable and self-supporting on flat surfaces and during descent.

Features of the Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chair

The Evacu-Trac evacuation chair should be kept in any multi-storey building where disabled people live, work, or visit. It provides a fast safe and reliable means of evacuation. This easy to use evacuation device is equipped with many safety features and most importantly, provides people with limited mobility an equal opportunity for escape in an emergency. Features
  • Quick and easy set up for immediate use
  • Carries up to 300 lbs.
  • Passenger's weight moves unit down stairs, while the speed governor controls descent speed
  • Failsafe brake brings unit to a complete stop automatically
  • Sling seat is made of fire retardant fabric and is easy to clean
  • Three adjustable safety straps
  • Stable and self-supporting
  • Unique seat design allows easy transfer from wheelchair
  • Durable tracks grip stairs securely, regardless of the stair construction material

Evacu Trac Benefits

  • Provides quick and safe emergency evacuation
  • Eliminates prolonged waiting in an area of refuge
  • No hand carrying of people with limited mobility
  • Small attendants can easily move heavier passengers
  • Easily stores in a secure area when not in use
  • Peace of mind for building occupants and owners
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Available immediately